Happy Thanksgivikah

So in 1888, Chanukah began on Wednesday night before Thanksgiving.  It will begin on Thursday night a couple more times in the next 200 years, but for those who celebrate both Thanksgiving and Chanukah, this is a special year. Thanksgiving and Chanukah coincide.  For a lot of people this is really cool.

For me, Thanksgiving only sort of special.  I didn’t have the great family that was portrayed on t.v.  My family was working class and we had our flaws.   I got up and helped clean the house, and watched a little bit of the parade.  Thanksgiving usually meant some sort of a fight between my parents, relatives who blew in and for whom I had to cook give up my room.  It also meant my mom’s menu which she told us was “traditional.”  The menu has not changed in 50 years.  Mom never was a great cook, but for Thanksgiving, Squanto dictated special recipes just for us. We always had brown and serve rolls which were dry and usually burned, lemon jello, shredded carrot and raisin mold and her celery stuffed with a concoction ketchup, garlic salt and cream cheese

Fortunately, there was no green bean casserole or lumpy gravy, and my mom did make a nice bread stuffing, but she always added chopped giblets to it.  We all picked them out, but she insisted that “everyone loved them” so began the lecture when I asked why.

Fortunately, I am not the only person who was thankful for Thanksgiving and family, but glad to survive it. The blog, “I am begging my mother not to read this blog” says it beautifully:


For you and yours, have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving



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